Happy Manhole Monday Minneapolis!

Happy Manhole Monday Minneapolis!

With rising temperatures and rain on the way, beware of overflowing sewers. Each year, local residents find themselves displaced from their home and spending thousands of dollars on home repairs due to overflowing sewers.

For instance, on July 10, 2012, Jared Moffet, a local Minneapolis resident was awakened by what sounded like a manhole exploding and then, suddenly, sewer water started gurgling from toilets during a massive rainstorm.

The raw sewage made its way up through the toilet and onto his carpets. Several gallons of rancid sewage water invaded Mr. Moffet’s home, there was little he could do to remedy this horrifying situation.

Underneath these beautiful Minneapolis homes, like Mr. Moffet’s and yours, is a sewage and piping system that is very old and worn. Most Minneapolis neighborhoods are the lowest lying in the area and most at risk for sewer related issues.

I am sure after reading this you have many questions regarding sewers and manhole rehabilitation. Minneapolis, you are in luck! We have a LIVE demonstration of a manhole rehabilitation being done down in Pinellas County, Florida on June 24, 2014. Keep your eyes on our blog as more details become available for this LIVE demonstration.

[box type=”info”] In the meantime, Minneapolis, don’t get caught with your pants down, give Perma-Liner a call at 866-336-2568 for all of your immediate sewer pipelining needs.[/box]

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Happy Manhole Monday Minneapolis!
Happy Manhole Monday Minneapolis!

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