Waterline Renewal Technologies

The Twin Cities Outline for Solar Advancements


When strolling through downtown St. Paul, you will witness numerous corroborations on behalf of sustainability. The range of progression includes sewer rehabilitations, throughout the city, renovations of large-scale buildings, complexes and district systems.  After being awarded a $1 million grant, St. Paul is embarking on a project which will install solar thermal or hybrid solar thermal/photovoltaic systems. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul will study a. how solar energy can be integrated into existing district energy systems, and b. the usefulness this type of energy generation brings to a stand-alone solar district system. The cities will begin their project on the rooftop of the Saint Paul River Centre.

This is one of forty projects that were selected nationwide to help speed endorsements of solar energy, while pursuing new scientific breakthroughs to increase efficiency, and lower the cost of such technologies. Several years ago, Saint Paul and Minneapolis were named Solar America Cities by the U.S. Department of Energy and chosen to develop a strategic plan to make solar energy more accessible for homes and businesses in a designated timespan. The two cities are partnering with local organizations and businesses to develop and implement dozens of projects during the next several years.

Currently, St. Paul has dedicated resources toward furthering the goals in sustainability. These endeavors include planting more trees, using community gardens, and other green infrastructures. This continued effort will encourage a reduction in flooding, urban heat island, and water pollution risks, as well as, aid in reinforcing social cohesion and a support system during extreme weather events.

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